Conference Owners

We help conference owners extend their reach to an audience that cannot attend your conference in person. INDUSTRYPODS simplified the process to begin podcasting your conference both Nationally and Internationally. As long as you use A/V to record your keynotes and panels, simply send us a link to your files and we’ll convert them to MP3’s, set up your hosting, syndicate and market your conference. We suggest shortly after your conference is over and you’ve had a chance to decompress, we can begin podcasting immediately (iTunes takes a few weeks). Get your conference in front of thousands of potential registrants for your next conference.

Services we offer:

  • Publish your podcast
  • Syndicate to the most popular podcast apps
  • Promote your podcast
  • Track your metrics
  • Increases your SEO
  • Audio filtering
  • Audio editing
  • Professional voice read intro and outros
  • Add your sponsor’s message

Please register and let us know you’re interested and we’ll contact you will details.

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We understand that your attendees can’t be everywhere and it’s impossible for them to attend all sessions. We also know that they can listen to your podcast from virtually anywhere!  We help you and your sponsors build a new audience of potential attendees for subsequent conferences by targeting relevant groups of podcast listeners.  START NOW and begin podcasting your conference today!

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